Australian Mattress Sizes Guide

One of the paramount considerations when buying a mattress in Australia is selecting the right mattress size. In this page, we provide detailed dimensions for each mattress size, helping you make an informed choice. Dive into the specifics of each size to determine which one suits you best. Beyond dimensions, consider room size, sleeping habits, whether you share the bed with a partner or pets, and any specific health concerns when choosing your ideal mattress size. We're here to simplify the process, ensuring you find the perfect fit for a night of rejuvenating sleep.

Sizes and Dimensions

Mattress Size Width x Length (mm) Width x Length (inches)
Single 920 x 1880 mm 36.2 x 74.0 inches
King Single 1070 x 2030 mm 42.1 x 79.9 inches
Double 1380 x 1880 mm 54.3 x 74.0 inches
Queen 1530 x 2030 mm 60.2 x 79.9 inches
King 1830 x 2030 mm 72.0 x 79.9 inches
Bed & Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

What is this guide about?

Finding The Right Mattress Size

Explore the mattress dimensions of all five sizes in this guide, along with other crucial factors to aid your decision-making process when choosing the ideal mattress size for your requirements.

Unlocking Your Ideal Mattress Size

Choosing the right mattress size goes beyond mere dimensions. Consider room size, your sleeping habits, whether you'll be sharing the bed, any specific health concerns, and your budget. Dive deeper into these factors below.

Single Mattress Size and Dimension

Single Size Mattress

The Single size mattress in Australia measures 92cm x 188cm. It's perfect for children's rooms, smaller bedrooms, or guest spaces where space is limited. Ideal for solo sleepers or kids transitioning to their first big bed.

King Single Mattress Size and Dimension

King Single Size Mattress

The King Single size mattress in Australia measures 107cm x 204cm. This size offers a bit more width compared to the Single, making it an excellent choice for growing children and teenagers. It's also perfect for taller individuals who need extra legroom. The King Single provides the ideal balance between space-saving and comfort, making it a versatile option for various sleeping arrangements.

Double Mattress Size and Dimension

Double Size Mattress

The Double size mattress in Australia measures 138cm x 188cm. It's a popular choice for couples who want a cozy sleep space or for individuals who enjoy a bit of extra room to stretch out. The Double size strikes a balance between space efficiency and comfort, making it versatile for various bedroom sizes and sleep preferences.

Queen Mattress Size and Dimension

Queen Size Mattress

The Queen size mattress in Australia measures 153cm x 204cm. It's a favorite among couples for its spaciousness and comfort. With ample room to move around, the Queen size mattress ensures a restful night's sleep while still fitting comfortably in most bedrooms. It's a great choice for master bedrooms.

King Mattress Size and Dimension

King Size Mattress

The King size mattress in Australia measures 183cm x 204cm. Offering the ultimate in luxury and space, the King size mattress is perfect for couples who want extra room to spread out. It's also ideal for families with children or pets who occasionally share the bed. The King size provides unmatched comfort for a truly relaxing sleep experience.

Which Mattress Size Is Your Perfect Match?

Let's delve into the factors that play a crucial role in determining your ideal mattress size.

Factor one

Your Room Size

Bedroom sizes can differ throughout a home and between rooms. While the minimum requirement for a room is often 6.5 square meters, here are the average room sizes for accommodating different mattress sizes.

small bedroom size and floorplan design

2.7m x 3m

A small bedroom, typically measuring around 8.1 sq.m, is ideal for a single person. This versatile space can serve as a cozy single bedroom, a welcoming guest room, or a comfortable kid's room. Its compact size makes it well-suited for a single or king single mattress,

It accommodates a compact study desk or play area and a small wardrobe or open shelving unit. Ensure a comfortable walking space of at least 60 cm (24 inches) to 75 cm (30 inches) after factoring in radiators and furniture.

average bedroom size and floorplan design

3m x 3.4m

An average bedroom, usually around 10.2 square meters, suits a couple perfectly. This adaptable space can function as a charming second bedroom, a hospitable guest room, or a cozy kid's room with two single or king single beds.

Its moderate size allows for a double or queen mattress, leaving plenty of room for storage options along the walls, such as wardrobes and bedside drawers.

master bedroom size and floorplan design

4.2m x 4.2m

A master bedroom, typically spanning around 17.64 square meters, offers endless possibilities. This versatile space serves as a luxurious master bedroom, with ample room for a queen or ideally a king-size mattress.

You'll find space for various luxury furniture items, including a king-sized bed, a spacious wardrobe, a desk or home office setup, and sometimes even a cozy sitting area and walk-in closets for those with larger preferences.

Factor Two

Who Are You Sharing The Bed With?

Bed sharing with

When it comes to selecting the perfect mattress size, there's more to consider than meets the eye. Especially if you're sharing the bed with a partner, kids, or furry friends. Let's explore how each mattress size aligns with your unique sleep needs.

Single Size:

  • This one's for solo sleepers or when you're transitioning your little one to their first big-kid bed. It's cozy, it's snug, and it's all yours.

King Single:

  • Need some extra stretching space? The King Single, with added length, is great for those who appreciate a overhead stretch. The King Single's got your back (and your toes).

Double Size:

  • If you're a master of midnight acrobatics or just like to have more space for yourself, the Double size might be your perfect match. It's also a popular choice for couples who want a cozy sleep space.

Queen Size:

  • For couples who adore cuddling but still want room to roll without disturbing each other, the Queen size offers that sweet balance.

King Size:

  • Fit for royalty! A King-size mattress lets a couple sleep like kings and queens and still have space for little ones or furry friends who sneak in for a slumber party. The extra space can make a world of difference, and the King size offers plenty of room.

Extra space can be a game-changer for undisturbed sleep when you or your companions tend to toss and turn. So, before making your choice, consider your sleep position, nighttime movements (do you salsa or waltz?), and whether you share your bed with little ones or furry pals. After all, a great mattress isn't just about size; it's about creating a sleep haven that fits your unique sleep style like a glove.

Factor Three

Health-Related Factors

1. Sleep Apnea and Acid Reflux:

  • Individuals with conditions like obstructive sleep apnea or acid reflux may benefit from a larger mattress size. Elevating the upper body can alleviate symptoms, and a larger mattress accommodates wedge pillows or multiple pillows comfortably.

2. Mobility and Safety:

  • People with limited mobility or those who require mobility assistance may find smaller mattress sizes like Single or King Single more suitable. These sizes provide ease of maneuverability and enhance safety, especially for those who may need to access the bed's edge.

3. REM Behavior Disorder:

  • Individuals with REM behavior disorder, which is more prevalent in older adults, may require more bed space due to increased nighttime movement associated with this condition. A larger mattress can accommodate these movements without the risk of falling.

4. Medical Devices:

  • Those who use medical devices like CPAP machines may find a larger mattress, such as queen or king size, preferable. These sizes offer ample space to incorporate these devices seamlessly into the sleep environment.

5. Body Type and Special Needs:

  • Different individuals have varying sleep requirements. Pregnant individuals, for example, often benefit from a larger mattress size like a queen or king to accommodate their changing body and provide extra space for comfort. Similarly, those with specific health conditions or special needs may require a mattress size tailored to their unique circumstances for optimal sleep quality.

Other Factors

Budget & Long-Term Need

Besides the aforementioned factors, your budget might not directly related, it can indirectly influence your choice of mattress size. Larger mattresses often come with a higher price tag, so it's essential to strike a balance between your preferences and financial constraints. Additionally, think about your long-term needs. Planning for a growing family or considering any future changes in living situations is crucial to ensure your mattress accommodates these developments effectively.

Final Step


You've reached the end of our comprehensive guide, armed with the knowledge to select the ideal mattress size for your needs. Now it's time to explore the various mattress sizes available and find the perfect fit for you.

Trial Periods

100 Night Trial

Don't forget the importance of trial periods offered by Mattress Crafters. Our trial allow you to test the mattress size in your own home, providing real-world insights into its comfort and suitability. Should you find that the chosen size doesn't align with your preferences or needs, you'll have the flexibility to return or exchange it, ensuring you make the right decision for your sleep comfort in the long run.

How does the 100 Night Trial work?

100 Night Trial

Mattress Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a mattress in Australia, bed mattress sizes are just one of several factors to contemplate before making the right choice. Factors such as mattress firmness, sleeping position, mattress types and materials, among others, play crucial roles. Our comprehensive mattress buying guide offers a complete guideline to help you navigate these key aspects and select the perfect mattress for your needs

Mattress Buying Guide


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