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Australian Double Size Mattress

Measuring 138cm in width and 187cm in length, the Double size mattress offers generous sleeping space, making it an excellent choice for larger bedrooms. Designed to provide spacious comfort for couples who prefer to sleep closer together, the Double mattress is also versatile for various sleeping arrangements. We offer a wide range of double-sized mattresses across our collections, ensuring that everyone enjoys exceptional comfort, regardless of their preferred mattress type.

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Reasons of Choosing Double Mattress

Ideal for both solo sleepers and couples as well as guest rooms, here are some compelling reasons to opt for a Double Size Mattress:

Ideal for couples - Queen mattress

Ideal for Couples

The Double size mattress provides ample space for couples who like to sleep close together but still value their personal space.

Cost efficient with Double size mattress


A Double size mattress is often more affordable than larger sizes, making it budget-friendly. Allowing people who desire a comfortable sleep surface without breaking the bank.

Solo Sleepers with Double size mattress

Cozy for Solo Sleepers

Provides additional room for solo sleepers who relish more space to stretch, roll, and toss, ensuring a better night's sleep.

Balanced comfort with double mattress

Balanced Comfort

Strikes a balance between space-saving and comfort, making it versatile for various room sizes.

Exploring Beyond Double Bed Mattresses

The Double mattress strikes a balance between spaciousness and practicality, making it an excellent choice for couples, guest rooms, and individuals who prefer more sleeping space. If the Double mattress still doesn't meet your space and comfort requirements, you can consider upgrading to a Queen or King mattress. These larger sizes provide even more room for relaxation, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Choosing the right mattress size goes beyond mere dimensions. Consider room size, your sleeping habits, whether you'll be sharing the bed, any specific health concerns, and your budget. Dive deeper into these factors below.

Mattress Size Guide

Unlocking Your Ideal Mattress Size

Explore our range to find the perfect sleep solution for your needs.

Single Mattress Size and Dimension

Single Size Mattress

The Single size mattress in Australia measures92cm x 188cm. It's perfect for children's rooms, smaller bedrooms, or guest spaces where space is limited. Ideal for solo sleepers or kids transitioning to their first big bed.

King Single Mattress Size and Dimension

King Single Size Mattress

TheKing Single size mattress in Australiameasures107cm x 204cm. This size offers a bit more width compared to the Single, making it an excellent choice for growing children and teenagers. It's also perfect for taller individuals who need extra legroom. The King Single provides the ideal balance between space-saving and comfort, making it a versatile option for various sleeping arrangements.

Double Size Mattress

The Double size mattress in Australia measures138cm x 188cm. It's a popular choice for couples who want a cozy sleep space or for individuals who enjoy a bit of extra room to stretch out. The Double size strikes a balance between space efficiency and comfort, making it versatile for various bedroom sizes and sleep preferences.

Queen Mattress Size and Dimension

Queen Size mattress

The Queen size mattress in Australia measures 153cm x 204cm. It's a favorite among couples for its spaciousness and comfort. With ample room to move around, the Queen size mattress ensures a restful night's sleep while still fitting comfortably in most bedrooms. It's a great choice for master bedrooms.

King Mattress Size and Dimension

King Size mattress

The King size mattress in Australia measures 183cm x 204cm. Offering the ultimate in luxury and space, the King size mattress is perfect for couples who want extra room to spread out. It's also ideal for families with children or pets who occasionally share the bed. The King size provides unmatched comfort for a truly relaxing sleep experience.


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