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The Quest for Better Sleep: A Journey Celebrated by the Best Budget Mattress in a Box Award of 2023 in Australia

The Quest for Better Sleep: A Journey Celebrated by the Best Budget Mattress in a Box Award of 2023 in Australia

We are ecstatic to announce that our Boutique Mattress has been awarded the “Best Budget Mattress in-a-box” for 2023 in Australia by This recognition is a testament to our relentless pursuit of providing high quality sleep solutions with great value pricing. Our panel of mattress experts have been providing the Australian market with comfortable and supportive mattresses for 60 years, and our entry into e-commerce in 2021 has made our products more accessible to a wider audience. 

A good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy and productive life, and finding the right mattress is crucial. Our best-selling Boutique Mattress is designed to cater to this need, offering comfort and support from its Crafter-Core memory foam layers and Crafter-Coil seven-zone pocket spring system backed by our 15-year warranty and our 100-night Comfort Guarantee. Made with the finest materials and crafted to perfection, this mattress provides a delightful balance between comfort and affordability. Its innovative mattress-in-a-box design makes it easy for customers to transport and set up, providing a hassle-free sleep experience. 

We understand the importance of continuous improvement and we provide our customers with the best state-of-the-art mattresses to help improve their sleep, and as a by-product, their lives. Our commitment to quality and affordability will continue to drive our brand forward, and we look forward to introducing new and innovative products that cater to the needs of our customers. At a time when people are looking for ways to save money without sacrificing quality, our award-winning Boutique Mattress stands out as a brilliant choice. With its exceptional value, customers can enjoy the comfort and support they need without breaking the bank. We are proud of this recognition and grateful for the support of our customers who have helped us achieve this feat. Whether you’re a long-time customer or new to our brand, we invite you to try our award-winning boutique mattress and experience the difference for yourself. 

Celebrate this fete with us, and enjoy 30% OFF + FREE Shipping* when you check out today until the 28th of February.

*Free shipping to select locations within AU. No minimum purchase.

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