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Boutique Mattress - Memory Foam + Pocket Spring

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  • Brand: Mattress Crafters
  • Model: Boutique
  • Mattress height: 32cm
  • Firmness: Medium-Firm with Supportive 2.2 Coil Spring
  • Australian Designed

    Vicso Elastic Foam

    2.2 Wire Gauge

    Twice Tempered

    7 Zone Pocket Spring

    Max Support Longevity

    High Density Foam

    ECO Friendly


    15 Year Warranty

    Crafter Smart-Fabric

    Crafter Stretch Knit Fabric is Oeko- Tex approved which protects you from dust mites and allergens

    Twice Tempered Crafter Coil

    Crafter Coil Pocket Spring contours to your curved body shape; Each Spring works independently, giving correct support in the areas you need it most

    Support in all the right places

    The 7 Zone pocket springs provide you extra support along your spine which helps ease a bad back. It also helps with any other morning aches and pains you might have gotten used to, no more sore shoulders, neck, or even knees for the unfortunate!

    NO Partner Disturbance

    Crafter-Coil springs compress individually while layers of memory foam keep motion isolated. Instead of waking up your partner or pets with your every movement, motion transfer is eliminated before it can interrupt their sleep. 

    Simple Set Up

    Mattress Crafters ships promptly to your door in a compact box. Tight stairwells or narrow hallways at home? No worries. Transport the box easily to your bedroom and open it up - you’ll be snoozing in five minutes flat.


    TIME IS MONEY - Benjamin Franklin

    WE SAVE BOTH - Mattress Crafters

    Compatible Bases
    Box Foundation

    Size Chart

    ( CM )
    SINGLE92 x 188 x 32
    KING SINGLE107 x 203 x 32
    DOUBLE138 x 188 x 32
    QUEEN153 x 203 x 32
    KING183 x 203 x 32

    Amazing sleep, every night. Guaranteed.

    With over 50 years in the Australian mattress industry, MC have been exclusively producing and selling quality state of the art mattresses. MC are leaders of innovation in the bedding industry, sourcing specific products and components from all over the world to offer the highest quality bedding range at the most affordable prices. Superior Comfort and Support for a great night’s sleep.

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