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Mattress Crafters

The exclusive Crafter 7-Zone fabric encased zoned 2.1mm PocketCoil system is the diamond standard of quality utilising the world’s most innovative materials to provide sumptuous comfort and support.

Australian designed and hand crafted sleep surface provides the highest-quality, durability, comfort and support available enabling a cooler and recovery filled sleep.

15 Year Guarantee.

Product Specifications

Quality Mattress Crafter components include:

  • Crafter SmartStretch Natural Fabric
  • Airflow Gusset Sensor-Top
  • Crafter CorePlus Visco Elastic 50kg Memory-Foam
  • Layers of Convoluted CrafterCushion Premium-Foam
  • Layer of CrafterCushion Premium-Foam
  • 2.1mm CrafterCoil High Tensile Heavy Duty Substantial Spring – Extra Durability
  • Crafter Targeted 7 Zone extra ergonomics and support system Fabric encased heavy duty coils, Edge to edge airflow.
  • Each CrafterCoil has 114cm of tempered reinforced wire
  • Featuring Minimum Partner Disturbance Technology and extra support where you need it most.
  • Crafter Xtra-Edge – reinforced edge springs surround spring system, providing further durability, consistent sleeping surface area, prevents roll out and cooler edge

The Melbourne Design Team at Mattress Crafters have engineered our new innovative spring unit to provide the correct support and maximise comfort.

- Crafter Targeted 7 Zone is engineered to play a specific role, the blue Xtra Edge springs are firm to reduce roll out and maximise longevity, white springs have the perfect amount of tension to reduce pressure points in the shoulders, upper back and hips, grey springs are Extra HD to contour with the curve of our spine for back sleepers and provide the correct support for heaviest part of our body- mid stomach area.

- There’s 690 High Tensile springs in a queen mattress so over 786 metres of High Tensile spring in each queen mattress.

- Designed to be rotated to increase longevity and comfort

- No partner Disturbance- Motion Confined Technology, movement in one area of the bed is confined to that specific area. Sleep soundly and undisturbed even if your spouse moves around a lot.


You can be experiencing a new Mattress Crafters mattress within a few days!

Amazing sleep, every night. Guaranteed  



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2.1 Premium


2.1 Premium


2.1 Premium


2.1 Premium


2.1 Premium